Style Error: Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems

I think see a problem with the style repository for JMEMS.
The template ( indicates that et al. should not be used for references except for the case where the additional authors' names are not given (this seems like an outlier case).
I find that et al. is used much more.
  • You shouldn't be getting any et al. using that style. Could you paste a couple of entries here and doubles check that all authors are listed in the entry in Zotero itself?
  • So here's what I'm getting.

    [1] [2]
    [1] P. R. Cantwell et al., “Estimating the In-Plane Young’s Modulus of Polycrystalline Films in MEMS,” Microelectromechanical Systems, Journal of, vol. 21, no. 4, pp. 840–849, 2012.
    [2] D. C. Hurley et al., “Anisotropic elastic properties of nanocrystalline nickel thin films,” Journal of Materials Research, vol. 20, no. 05, pp. 1186–1193, May 2005, doi: 10.1557/JMR.2005.0146.

    All authors are represented in fields in the zotero entry.
  • Right, sorry, I didn't see a relevant bit in the style. So IEEE says to use et al. for articles with more than 6 authors in their general style guide and, looking at the PDFs of recently published articles in JMEMS, that's actually what I'm seeing. I'd be inclined to think this is correct and the section in the JMEMS-specific guide just poorly written.
  • I think you are right. Thanks for investigating.
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