[Solved] My login data won't erase from the login page after signout

edited June 8, 2021

I was using Zotero (the website) yesterday to do some research, and I logged out after I was done for the day. When I came back to the computer that I was using yesterday, I went to the Zotero login page [I have been using Chrome Version 91.0.4472.77 (Official Build) (64-bit)], and I found that the login data was still there.

I went to Chrome settings > Privacy and security > Clear browsing data and saw that there was "None" under "Passwords and other sign-in data."

  • If you mean the username/email and password were automatically entered into the form when you went to the login page (https://www.zotero.org/user/login/), that's not something zotero.org does.
    If it's not being saved directly in the browser it could be a password manager extension.
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    I looked into this issue, ended up deleting some cookies and data in the process. It looks like the thing to do was go to "Time range" > "All time" > Passwords and other sign-in data (check) > Clear data.

    I didn't have "All time" selected; it was selected on "Last hour" or something.

    I think that means that the password stuff related to my synced account with Chrome gets stuff deleted. But, at least the password gets protected, so I felt "whatever" about it. If one wants Google to have your passwords and don't care if stuff gets wiped, then that's just one's personal philosophy.

    The login got moved away from being public access, so I was pleased.

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