auto extract reference files as drop in zotero

When I used Mendeley, By drop a reference file such as the .ris file in the app main window it was extracted and add information automatically but in Zotero when I put a reference file Zotero considers it as a normal file and don't extract automatically

is it a way to change the process?
  • You can associate extensions with Zotero so it'll import .ris, .bib, etc. on double click. I don't think having Zotero recognize them on drag&drop is necessarily a great choice: that's what Zotero uses for you to add files for storage and confusing the two operations seems problematic.
  • Right, one factor here is that Zotero can import many more types of files than Mendeley, all based on auto-detection, so conditionally running import on just some dragged files would be confusing and dangerous.
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