Institutional Access Not Reflected

Howdy howdy.

I signed up, following the instructions from my school, for a Zotero account using my school email. Doing so was supposed to give me the unlimited storage. My account shows I have the standard 300 MB storage instead.

Could you please help me sort this out?
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    Sorry if I'm doing this wrong or if I am supposed to look for a thread or whatever. I have spent more time than I am pleased about trying to sort this out. It's a bit much to sort through for someone who just signed up. So I'm asking this way and hoping this flies.

    I signed up with my school email. I was to receive, from what the school IT page says, unlimited storage by signing up with my school email. It shows that I've only the 300MB. Could you please direct me here? Is there something else to be done? Does it take time to be verified? Did the school provide incorrect instructions?

    Thanks in advance.
  • That would be correct, but your school doesn't currently have a Zotero subscription.
    I think you may actually be looking at a guide from a different but very similarly named school.
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