Incorrect Chicago 17th (full note+bil) subsequent citation

Hi, I'm new to Zotero and loving it so far

But I found a problem in the subsequent citation, here's an example below

Tom Vicson, “Spectacle and Use [2004],” in Constructing a New Agenda, 1993-2009, by A. Krista Sykes and K. Michael Hays (New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2010), 20.

the correct subsequent citation should be
Vicson, “Spectacle and Use,” 20.

But when I use Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (full note, with Ibid.), it gave me this
Vicson, 20.

When I use Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (full note, short title subsequent), it looks better but still incorrect
Vicson, “Constructing a New Agenda,” 20.

May I know if there's any solution to this issue?

Thanks so much!
  • The Chicago manual calls for two different subsequent citation forms. When the citation immediately follows a citation to the same item (where ibid used to be used), it calls for the “Author, page” form. When there is another item cited in between, then it adds the short title, “Aurhor, ‘Short title’, page”. This is what Zotero implements. There is nothing incorrect here.

    If you want to always show the short title, use that version of the style.
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