Apple-Shift-C not working in Beta?

In Mac Zotero version 5.0.97-beta.29+2fd46157f, the keyboard shortcut Apple-Shift-C does not copy anything to the clipboard. It should copy the citation format set in Preferences (for me, Scannable Cite).

Using the menu (Edit > Copy as Scannable Cite) works as expected, as does mouse-dragging the item to another program.

  • No general problem. Try restarting Zotero, and try selecting another export format or citation style in the Quick Copy preferences. If those don't help, it might be a conflict with another program on your computer, so try changing the shortcut key from the Advanced pane of the preferences and see if it works that way.
  • We'd also look at a Debug ID for triggering the shortcut. (If it doesn't trigger, it might not log anything.)
  • OK. Thanks for confirming - I'll see if I can troubleshoot this end, then.
  • Yes, restart Zotero fixed it
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