report error ID: 1157341791

Not sure if this is the place to report error, but donno where exactly to go, sorry.
I just insalled 2.0 b7.2 in a FF3.5.3 portable, and it got an error report that Zotero cannot start up. No idea why. Have done the same thing previously and there was no problem at all.
  • Sorry I made a mistake. It was FF 3.0.7 Portable, not 3.5.3.
  • When do you see this error, and what's the exact message?
  • Right after I restarted FF after installing Zotero -- as soon as I tried to open Zotero, this error appeared. It said something like: There is an error and Zotero cannot be opened. It also gave me the above report ID and said errors will not be reviewed unless reported.
    The error did not appear again as I restarted FF once more.
    btw: It was on a SanDisk cruzer 16GB USB thumb at the time.
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