[iOS Beta, iPad] Feature request: Add tags from within PDF reader

It is currently not possible to add a tag to an item while the document is open for reading. Once the document is closed, it can be difficult, in a large library, to find it again - so this feature needs to be present in the PDF viewer. I would envisage this being implemented as a button next to the annotation tools opening an 'Add Tag' menu (ideally with colour tags at the top).
This is currently possible from the info pane, but only if the info is opened first - where there is a link to 'View PDF'. If the PDF is opened directly, there is no way to get to this info pane without closing the PDF viewer and searching out the relevant item again.

Direct access to tagging from the PDF reader would be a huge useablility advance when scanning a bunch of new papers.
  • You'll be able to add tags to the parent item from the PDF reader in an upcoming version.
  • @rupertoverall: Oh, sorry, I missed that this was about iOS. We don't currently have a plan for that, but it might be possible in a future version.
  • edited June 7, 2021
    @dstillman: This would be really helpful. As would showing the colour tags in the list view (as is the case in the desktop version).
    Jumping between manuscripts is a bit of a useability nightmare still in the iOS app but these visual cues would help a lot.

    Edit: I just noticed that colour tags ARE implemented in the list view in iOS already. Sorry and thanks!
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