[iOS Beta, iPad] Feature request: View options for browsing library

When browsing items in the library, the current [1.0 (124) beta] iPad version shows one line of the title which is truncated by the width of the pane. This is often only 6 words out of what can be a long title. With many similar titles in a focussed collection, this information is not enough to effectively navigate through the list. I would propose 2 options to make this list easier to navigate:
1) allow the library/collections pane on the left to be hidden. Once the collection of interest has been selected, this information is no longer needed and uses up a lot of precious screen space.
2) enable options to expand the list view from a 'list' (current implementation) to 'cards' (with full wrapped title and possibly tags), as well as potentially other future view options. A button for this could be placed in the space at the bottom of the field (next to the 'sort by' button).
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