[bug report] Apple Pencil Scribble unable to update input suggestion

For example, using the Scribble functionality if I attempt to write the word “unary” it autocorrects to “nary”, but there is an option to revert back to unary as there is a blue underline below the word. If I tap the word, it presents the option, however I am unable to select it in the Zotero app. This functionality works in other PDF viewers I utilize.

Thanks for all the great work on this app!
  • edited January 18, 2022
    I am also having this issue and verified this Scribble feature works in when using Scribble in Safari.

    This is annoying because I use a lot of abbreviations when making notes on scientific papers that are not recognized by text engines like Scribble, but the options to revert are normally correct. Right now I often have to switch to keyboard to fix this which is disruptive to reading.

    Thank you for all the incredible work with this, overall I like this app a lot more than my previous methods for reading and marking up my scientific papers!
  • I am still seeing this bug in the most recent version, similarly to @JasmineStone
  • Pushing this back up because I am still experiencing this bug and it is rather disruptive. I absolutely love the app, but it would be great if this issue could be addressed!
  • @andals, @jasminetstone, @nohstns sorry for the long wait. Are you still seeing this issue? I just tried to reproduce. The added word gets blue underline, I can tap it and change to whatever it offers. If any of you can still reproduce this could you please create a short video where you screen record the issue and send it to support@zotero.org? Thanks!
  • @michalrentka I have not noticed the issue anymore for a while, so I think it has been fixed already?
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