[Jurism] My Collection went missing, with files and data remaing intact

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I am using Juris M. I had a collection relating to international health law. I restored on item from the trash to the collection, suddenly the entire collection along with its sub-collections went missing.

However, when I look through general library I can see all the files which were there in that collections. What to do?

I use download, renaming and classification of the all my data through Juris-M and Zotfile.
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    We can't provide support for Jurism here, but barring some bug, that sounds like you either moved or deleted the collection by mistake. You can check the collections containing the items to see if the collection is just under some other collection. If not, you should 1) make a backup of all the .sqlite and .bak files in your Jurism data directory, 2) restart the app to see if the collection reappears, and 3) if not, try to restore from one of the last automatic backups (substituting any Jurism-specific details as necessary). If you need help beyond that, you'd have to contact the Jurism developer.
  • thank you. let me try these first.
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