iOS Feedback: Dark Mode issue; library selector feature request

I’ve got two observations regarding the iOS beta (124). I’m sorry if these have already been pointed out, search didn’t give me anything similar looking. I have tested on an iPad Air 4 and an iPhone SE2, both on iOS 14.5.1.

1. Issue: In dark mode the sync status in the lower left corner is white text on light grey background, so it is almost illegible.

2. Feature request: The library selector on the left nicely remembers which library or collection was selected. The one thing it doesn’t remember is when I stopped on the library overview, i.e. no library yet selected (I assume because technically no library gets selected). After an app restart one instead returns to the last selected collection. As I regularly need to access different libraries, I’d like to have a way to start from the overview instead of having to first leave a library to select a different one.
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