page document attachment not opening in ios

i have Zotero beta in my computer (macbook pro big sur) and Zotero beta in my iPhone; a "Page" attachment in my computer works and opened well with Page app, but it is seen as "jpeg" attachment in my ios and can't be opened; i was able to open "Page" files attachments in my ios earlier. Some times ago same Page files turned to "jpeg" format. Pls. advise
  • I'm not sure what you mean here. If you're actually talking about a JPEG, it would normally open in Preview on your Mac, not in Pages (Apple's word processor). I believe the iOS app can't currently display JPEG apps in-app and will offer to send them to another app. (Pages might be one that iOS offers — maybe that's what you're referring to?)

    A future version of the iOS app might display JPEGs itself, but for now the iOS app is primarily for viewing PDFs and web page snapshots.
  • tks
    i mean , an apple Page attached document to Zotero in ios was correctly opening with Page app in my iphone, but now cannot open these files because these Page documents are now seen as jpeg ; i did not understand how these files turned by themselves from Pages to Jpeg.
    Before i was able to read these Pages files opening with Pages app in iphone
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