Plain-text output from Zotero Report? or Rights export in better biblatex or variant

To summarize: Either scalable plain-text Zotero Reports or a bib(la)tex variant that exports the rights field would help me a lot!

1. Could there be a way to save/export Zotero Reports to a simple plain text file? (Neither the saved complex HTML, nor the exported JSON-style files, are easy to transition to the Markdown notes that I want.)
2. Are they any other plain text formats that output -among others things-"rights" and bibtex citekeys? (Given the size and nature of the problem, directly saving files is much better than "save-to-clipboard" or "cut and paste" solutions.)
3. In general, is there any progress on using the rights field in any outputs? (Especially in biblatex-like exports.)

USE CASE and "REQUIREMENTS" -- Zettlekasten slip notes
I am trying to export plain text outputs from Zotero into many plain text files. These files are for my use to add reference entries and notes into an existing digital slipnote Zettlekasten system of many small markdown files. The "rights" field and bibtex citekey are important to be in note. This could help adding more content to two book projects.

The scale of effort is large; re-entering rights would be painful. The exact format is not critical, but my current efforts have only produced unsuitable outputs.
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