How to clear places from auto-complete suggestions?

I have a bunch of badly-formatted place names that are the result of auto-import data issues, such as "New York : London : England". I manually corrected these names and checked that they were gone by searching for places with ":" and finding none.

However, even after closing and restarting Zotero, and emptying the trash, when I type "New York" into the "Place" field, "New York : London : England" is still suggested as an auto-complete suggestion. The correct place is rarely at the top, so the auto-complete is not useable (faster to type the whole thing than to find the right entry).

How can I clear these removed places so they are no longer suggested? Thanks.
  • If auto-complete suggestions are showing up, they exist on other items. There's no other place they come from. There's nothing to clear.
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    Does this apply across personal and group libraries?

    When I type "New Yor", one suggestion I get is "New York ; London". I just did an advanced search for Place|contains|New York ; London, and there are no results. In fact, typing "New Yor" into the search field in Advanced Search also suggests "New York ; London", but the search results are empty.
  • Try emptying the trash
  • (@realtime99 said they did that.)

    I believe it's meant to be limited to the library you're in, but it looks like it's currently drawing from all libraries. We'll fix that.
  • Or, specifically, it's not limiting it to the current library for all fields. (E.g., creators are properly limited.)
  • @realtime99: We've fixed the autocomplete in the latest beta to be restricted to the current library. Thanks for reporting.
  • The above fix is now available in Zotero
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