Group Invite "Access denied"

When trying to accept a group invitation from a colleague I am receiving a message reading "Error. Access denied. You do not have access to this area."

Is there a way to resolve this?

Thank you!
  • This would happen if you were received the invitation on an email address that's not associated with the Zotero account you're logged into.
  • Thanks - it's my primary email to the account, and I'm logged in, I've double-checked all of that.
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    The invitation was from several weeks ago. It may have been rescinded — it looks like the group owner invited you with a misspelled email address a week earlier and perhaps rescinded the wrong invitation by mistake. There are no active invitations for your current account. You should ask them to invite you again.
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    It worked on the resend - looks like we're good to go. Thanks @dstillman !
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