'Author-date in footnotes' style with support for multiple languages?

I’m looking for a style that meets the following requirements:

1. References in footnotes with just author last name and year, no brackets, e.g.: ‘Cappelletti & Garth 1978, s. 196’. The author-date format should be used strictly, even for e.g. bills or newspaper articles.

2. Rather extensive information in the bibliography. For instance, for item type Bill, the Bill number should be included; for a Newspaper Arcticle, the article title and date should be included.

3. If possible, Swedish language support (e.g. ’s.’ for page number; if multiple authors, ‘och’ or ‘&’ instead of ‘and’; for editors ‘red.’ instead of ‘ed.’, etc.).

The style for ‘International Organization’ formats footnotes OK, but does not meet requirement (2) and (3). (It includes some irrelevant info in the bibliography, but not vital info like bill number or the date a newspaper article was published.)

Does anyone know of a style that has these features or one that I could easily adjust to my needs?
  • 1 and 3 are the easiest part, so if you can identify a style, any style, that satisfies 2. for you, we can tell you how to modify that. I don't think it exists (there aren't a lot of footnote author-date styles).
  • Thanks, Adam!

    'Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (note)' seems to include all the information needed in the bibliography and in the right order (it also inserts some unnecessary stuff like "Pub. L. No." before Bill numbers, but it's easier to remove that than to add Bill numbers in manually).

    It also has Swedish language support.

    So I assume I would just need to change the footnotes from 'author title' to 'author date'. How do I do that?
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