Error : Zotero connector does not import pdf files

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Dear all,

I've encountered a problem while trying to import a pdf file with the zotero connector from Chrome. The pdf file won't load up in my library. Trying on the metadata only, it would work.

I've done all the tasks listed here in order to fix the issue but it didn't work:

The report error of the extension for chrome indicate this :
"JavaScript Error: "TypeError: Cannot read property '6' of undefined
at Object.injectScripts (chrome-extension://ekhagklcjbdpajgpjgmbionohlpdbjgc/background.js:330:45)
at chrome-extension://ekhagklcjbdpajgpjgmbionohlpdbjgc/background.js:269:36"
and then a time out.

The report error for the application (Windows 10 version), is
"[JavaScript Error: "Component returned failure code: 0x80470002 (NS_BASE_STREAM_CLOSED) [nsIConverterOutputStream.writeString]" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/server.js" line: 603}]

[JavaScript Error: "S3 returned 0 (1/982RPXYG) -- retrying upload"]"

Would someone please have an idea of what's causing the trouble ?

Thak you in advance,

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    What do you see in your browser when you try this?

    Does it happen with all PDFs, or only some?

    Can you provide a Debug ID from the app for trying to save a PDF unsuccessfully?
  • Currently, it appears that the problem has disappeared, but I have no idea why.

    For information, in the browser, I was able to click on the pdf icon (it was not grey), but then, after a few seconds, i had an error message saying "An error occured. If the error persists, please visit GET Help" in a chatbox under the extension icon.

    It happened with all PDFs.

    I suspect it was linked with the synchronisation of my documents on the zotero server, because yesterday I didn't have enough storage place, thus I purchased some. Maybe there was a delay due to synchronizing the remaining documents ?

    If the problem happens again, I'll provide a debug ID.

    Thank you for your time and your help,


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