Style Request: Russian GOST 7.0.0-2018

Greetings. My University has updated its bibliography requirements, I have a ready example but it is in 2008 format(the latest available from Zotero library)
Guidelines(in russian, haven't found translated):!_ORS/5-PROFESSIONALAM/7_sibid/ГОСТ_Р_7_0_100_2018_1204.pdf
Minnesota politics and government : a history resource unit / Educational
Services Division, Minnesota Historical Society. – [St. Paul : Minnesota Historical Society, 1976]. – 2 cases in 1 ; 34 cm. – Text (visual) : unmediated +
spoken word : audio.
Жабко Е. Д. Справочно-библиографическое обслуживание в электронной среде: теория и практика : монография / Российская национальная библиотека. – Санкт-Петербург : РНБ, 2006. – 387, [1] c. – Из содерж.: 2.1. Электронный каталог как основное средство библиографического доступа. – С. 101–114.
  • Is there many changes from the 2008 version?
    If you'd give a list of requested changes, then it is way easier for us to make such a style. I can't read cyrilic.
  • Thanks for your answer. And apologies for cyrillics, but this style hasn't got international version for our convenience. As an example I can give 5 sources from bibliography, styled in 2008 version:
    13. Coleman K., Jenkinson D. S. RothC-26.3 - A Model for the turnover of carbon in soil Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 1996.p. 237–246.
    14. Demirel M. C. [et al]. Additional value of using satellite-based soil moisture and two sources of groundwater data for hydrological model calibration // Water (Switzerland). 2019. № 10 (11).
    15. Donner S. D., Kucharik C. J., Oppenheimer M. The influence of climate on in-stream removal of nitrogen // Geophysical Research Letters. 2004. № 20 (31).
    16. Draper C. [et al.]. Assimilation of ASCAT near-surface soil moisture into the SIM hydrological model over France // Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. 2011. № 12 (15). C. 3829–3841.
    17. Du M. [et al.]. Mutual influence between human activities and climate change in the Tibetan Plateau during recent years 2004.
    18. Eitzinger J. [et al.]. Comparison of CERES, WOFOST and SWAP models in simulating soil water content during growing season under different soil conditions // Ecological Modelling. 2004. № 3 (171). p. 223–246.
  • I've translated some of new source citation requirements:
    Ignatiev, S. V. Principles of economic and financial activity of oil and gas companies: textbook / S. V. Ignatiev; Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. - Moscow: MGIMO (University), 2017 .-- 144 p. - ISBN 978-5-9228-1632-8. - Text: direct.
    Kotlyarov, M.A. Real estate economics: textbook and workshop for undergraduate and graduate programs / M.A.Kotlyarov. - 2nd ed., Rev. and add. - Moscow: Yurayt, 2019 .-- 238 p. - (Bachelor and Master. Academic course). -
    ISBN 978-5-9916-9081-2. - Text: direct
    Abdrakhimov V.Z.Ecological and practical aspects of the use of non-ferrous metallurgy waste in the production of acid-resistant materials and floor tiles: monograph / V.Z. Abdrakhimov, A.K. Kairakbaev, E.S. Abdrakhimova. - Aktobe: RIO Institutions Aktobe University named after Academician S. Baishev, 2018 .-- 200 p. - ISBN 978-601-7566-37-1. - Text: direсt
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