[bug report] syncing file(s) on Zotero storage Debug ID D246847458

Debut ID: D246847458

URL of web library: https://www.zotero.org/leonbarmuta/collections/FXE6SLBY/items/E7DINCDM/collection

I got to Step 5 on Computer A of instructions on zotero.org/support/kb/files_not_syncing.

Thanks for your help,

  • edited 20 days ago
    File sync is not enabled for My Library
    Looks like you skipped Step 3:
    Make sure Computer A has file syncing enabled
  • Ah, that's because this resource https://guides.lib.berkeley.edu/c.php?g=4472&p=6647803 told me to uncheck this option in order to use Zotfile... so will Zotfile break if I check it again?
  • Actually, on reflection, I was only using Zotfile chiefly to make .pdfs available on an iPad, so if iOS Zotero is imminent, I could get rid of Zotfile since it's not really being maintained. I'll burrow into the Forum posts to find out how to move linked attachments back to Zotero storage.
  • The iOS app is available in beta.

    You can convert linked files to stored files via Tools → Manage Attachments → Convert Linked Files to Stored Files.
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