Quick search: search entire library by default?

I'm not sure if I'm missing some hidden setting or if this is a feature request, but Iäd really like the quick search to default to searching my entire library instead of the currently selected collection. Is there a way of achieving this?

I have tried working around this by using the advanced search but there are 2-3 problems with this:

1. There is no keyboard shortcut for opening advanced search (But I found out that you can set one in Zutilo).

2. When you open the advanced search, the focus is on which field to search, so you have to tab forward before you can enter your search term

3. Since the search field defaults to "Title", you also have to change that, if you want to search for author's name or so.
  • The quick search bar is just a filter for the current view, not a search. That's not going to change. If you want to search your entire library, you just click on the library root and use the quick search bar there.
  • Oh, I see. In that case, a possible improvement would be to keep the search/filter terms while changing the collection. That way, you can easily apply the same filter to different collections.
  • It looks like I found a work around via Alfred using the Zothero workflow (see https://github.com/deanishe/zothero)

    It would be great, though, if the filter term could be persisted across collections. If clicking on a different collection for some reason has to clear filter terms, I'd suggest some modifier-key + click to keep the kilter term(s).
  • @dstillman I fairy often will start a quick search in a collection when I meant to do it in the library root. A button to “search in full library” that moves the filter to the root would be helpful. Perhaps also a “pin” button next to quick search so that it persists across selecting different collections or libraries.
  • I have this same issue and like @bwiernik 's suggestions. I know this has been discussed before and the devs prefer to clear the search field when changing collections, but a way for users to prevent this at times would be nice.
  • I would also like to have a button, or preferably a keybinding, to search in the entire library.
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    I would like this feature too.
  • This is an old thread but I would still love this feature. Or, at least an easier shortcut to focus on My Library than first having to use CMD+Shift+L to highlight the library pane and then another (like Fn+Left) to go to home.
  • @Haug "It would be great, though, if the filter term could be persisted across collections."

    Yes, Please.
  • BUMP on this thread. It would be great to have the option to keep the search.
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