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edited June 1, 2021
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  • Hi

    I'm writing my master thesis in law and have an issue with how to class official Reports of the ICC (e.g. 2007 SWGCA Report (January) ICC Doc. ICC-ASP/5/35 (2007). There is a book that cites all the reports, but if I try to use the 'book section' item type, it keeps showing me the editors in the footnotes, as the reports don't have an author to cite.

    Different issue: how to cite things like the UN Charter, Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties,... - so far I am using the item type 'statute', but I'm not entirely sure that that is the correct one.

    Any ideas on how to approach this?
  • Yes, Zotero isn't set up for the very complex structures of citation of international legal materials! If you are working in international law, there is a project called JurisM which builds on Zotero for those working in legal fields (esp international and comparative). It used to be a version I used, but it's changed a lot since I stopped using it: https://juris-m.github.io/

    If you have just have a few here and there, then I use a combination of statute (for treaties) and reports for other items. You can usually figure out a way to get the fields to display close enough to what you want. For complex styles like OSCOLA, it won't do it perfectly, but you can do two things - you can edit them directly using the Add Classic Citation dialog (might be able to do it from the default one too, but I don't use that) using the 'Show editor' to display how you want, or you can just fix them at the end after de-linking the citations from Zotero if you want.
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