Zotero Connector: Webpages failing to parse item types correctly

Hi everyone!

I have noticed a few webpages which the Zotero Connector does not parse correctly, and I hope my list here will be helpful. If there is a better way for me to post this, please let me know and I will gladly do so. (I did check NYT, which did work. I am thus assuming that these pages have not been added to the parsing database.)

- The Conversation, e.g.https://theconversation.com/behind-moves-to-regulate-breastmilk-trade-lies-the-threat-of-a-corporate-takeover-152446

- JOTWELL, e.g. https://intl.jotwell.com/delawares-place-in-the-world/

- Project Syndicate, e.g. https://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/how-sdrs-can-help-developing-countries-by-hannah-ryder-1-and-gyude-moore-2021-03?barrier=accesspaylog

- ineteconomics.org, e.g. https://www.ineteconomics.org/perspectives/blog/slack-in-the-economy-not-inflation-should-be-bigger-worry

Thank you and cheers!
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