Last modified date not updated correctly (-> WebDAV not working)

If I make a note / highlight a phrase in a PDF viewer and save it, it shows the current system time in the 'last modification time' property in Windows. However, in Zotero on the right-hand side window the 'last modification time' sometimes remains unchanged.

This is inconvenient, since then the newer version of the PDF is not synced via WebDAV, presumably because Zotero detects no changes in the 'last modification time'.
However, if I either newly index the file or close and reopen Zotero it fetches the correct modification time and uploads the PDF with the annotation.

Is there a way I can make Zotero look for 'last modification time' in the metadata of the PDF on each sync without closing and reopening the application?

I tried to disable auto sync, since apparently it would do exactly this, but on a fixed interval only (and I want it preferably to happen on closing the application or manually) and hoped, by doing it manually, it would check for external updates of PDFs, but it is still not working.

I would be really thankful for any ideas or solutions.
  • If the modification time is changed on disk, the file will be uploaded 1) on the next manual sync or 2) on an automatic sync within three hours (and possibly much sooner, if you open the file from within Zotero).

    You should leave auto-sync enabled. There's no difference here between a manual sync with auto-sync enabled and disabled, so there's no reason to disable it.
  • Thanks a lot for the prompt response.

    I figured out, that there were two different things:
    1.) 'Last modification time' on the right side panel does only update if I deselect and reselect the PDF in the bibliography menu (so update displayed values on selection, which is fine, but just confused me) but in the background the last modified time was correct all along, so no problems here
    2.) So, the issue, that files sometimes do not seem to sync lies in the connection with the data storage, I guess. The .prop file is almost immediately updated and has the correct UNIX timestamp. The .zip file, it seems like, however, was not updated on manual sync at some occasions during my testing.
  • If you can capture a Debug ID for a sync where the .prop is updated and the .zip file isn't, we can take a look, but the WebDAV code hasn't changed in many years, and we're not aware of any bugs here.
  • Thanks for the answer! If I can reproduce it and extract a Debug ID, I will notify you.
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