Notes / highlights bug on iOS beta

I started reading a PDF a while ago in a previous version of the iOS beta, though I don't remember which version. I then went back to it in the last beta, maybe 123? I had to re-download the file, and the highlights in the file were not editable, and they changed color before my eyes from blue to yellow. I continued reading and making highlights, and the new notes were still not editable.

I updated to the most recent iOS beta 124, and now the most recent highlights I made in the PDF are editable. The first set of notes have changed back from yellow to blue, but a turquoise blue, and are still not editable. Very weird bug!

I removed the PDF from my local storage and re-downloaded it, but this bug was not fixed. I have checked other PDFs and do not see others with this same problem.

I am using an iPad mini 5th gen on iOS 14.4.2
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