iOS Sync failed (Failed API response: No response)

Debug IDs
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    It looks like this is a failure trying to upload a file for which the item had already been deleted in the online library. That shouldn't cause an error, and we'll fix that, but do you recall the steps that let up to this? Do you know if you did the deletion on iOS, in the desktop, or in the online library?
  • 1. iOS imported the paper as a webpage (
    2. I deleted the webpage in Zotero desktop and imported the paper correctly there.
    3. Desktop synced with online library.
    4. iOS tried and failed to sync with online library.
  • No, it wasn't that one — it was a different paper, from 2021, and it was a PDF.
  • Deleting the webpage in iOS Zotero allows the sync to work. Then it asks me about whether I want to "restore" or "delete" the item I deleted (I assume the webpage item?).

    I didn't know which one to hit so I hit "restore" to see what would happen and it doesn't look like the webpage item came back. Which is fine since its not in the online or desktop library. But just wanted to document the workflow.
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    No, this has nothing to do with a webpage.

    The error here is for an upload of a PDF file from iOS, when the associated attachment item for that PDF had already been deleted in the online library. (I can tell you the PDF in question if you don't mind me posting it publicly, or you can email us at with a link to this thread and we can tell you privately.)
  • oh yeah, no problem, please post the offending PDF :-)
  • but it did seem like deleting the webpage was got the sync rolling again, which is odd if the PDF was the offending item.
  • The PDF was Chandra et al. - 2021 - Colony….
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