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The website (an official site with all Danish legislation) does not seem to work with zotero anymore. Someone made a translator for it, as seen below, but unfortunately, it does not work anymore.

Any help is appreciated. This is a site with high traffic, and it is unfortunate that Zotero does not take any metadata from it any longer; it merely saves it as a webpage with snapshot and no embedded metadata. This seems to be the case no matter what legal cites, I want to do from the site.

Please let me know if you need additional information.
Thank you in advance.
  • Just pushed an updated version of the translator. Your Zotero Connector should auto-update within 24 hours, or you can update manually by clicking Update Translators in the Advanced pane of the Zotero Connector preferences. Check it out and please ping me with any problems you encounter!
  • @AbeJellinek Thanks a ton! This is super helpful!

    If I may, I have two requests, one more urgent than the other, I admit. The first one pertains the LAW ID and how it, right now, is put under Public Law Number (USA), which we do not use. It should be put into the section "nummer" and it should contain more metadata.

    I made you a quick imgur with a few pictures, that should specify what I mean :)
  • The other one is not as pressing, but would be nice to have implemented.

    I can now see that it uses the abbreviated titles, for the in-text citations for the laws, when able. As seen in this imgur:

    Would it at all, be possible to use the full title the FIRST time you cite it, in text, and from then on, use the abbreviated title?

    Lastly a question:

    If I would like to add to the bibliography, to the legal citation, from which ministry or office the law comes from. Would that be a change to the metadata from retsinformation or would that be an issue with Zotero and a style change?
    Example her:

    Again @AbeJellinek thank you for your help. I'm uncertain when my requests are relevant to the metadata fix you made to retsinformation and when it involves a citation style change, so apologies if I ask for something, that is not relevant for the fix you made.
  • Would it at all, be possible to use the full title the FIRST time you cite it, in text, and from then on, use the abbreviated title?
    That's a citationstyle question. Which are you using?
    If I would like to add to the bibliography, to the legal citation, from which ministry or office the law comes from.
    Is the ministry in the data in Zotero or not? If it is, that, again, is a citationstyle issue.
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    Hi Adam and thank you for a quick response.

    I am using APA 7th. I made a quick imgur to show you how it should been shown, mostly just because I like pictures, and I often do a terrible job at describing.

    EDIT: the "u.å" is in relation to the date, not the title.

    Now, this might be wishful thinking, but it would be super helpful if the first citation could both say the full title of the law but also a note that it will henceforth be cited as //insert abbreviated title//

    Thanks for all the interaction and help throughout my issues with retsinformation. This community is super helpful.


    To answer your second question:
    The data is in Zotero, and you're correct that it is a citationstyle issue, I made a change to the style that would solve it.
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    @Skjolde4: You're very welcome. I just pushed a new version; same procedure applies as in my first reply. Public Law Number data should now be in Nummer with all the same information as you can see on the site ("BEK nr 1490 af 16/12/2013").
  • @AbeJellinek It is beautiful! Thanks a lot!

    @adamsmith I know I already made a reply for you to comment on, but I just had one more question. Is it possible to suppress the (year) in intext citations for specific citations?

    I know I can do a citation style change and simply remove the (year) remark for intext citations. However, what if I would, for instance, like to remove it only for legislation?

    It is mostly because I am curious if you can differentiate between different types of intext citations. Along the lines of:
    If legislation do not include date-intext
    Else do?

    XML and coding in general is not really my strong suit, so any help is appreciated.
  • Sorry to bump my own thread with the same questions, but I just need to look into these last two changes, and then I am done for now.

    @adamsmith two questions, if I may:
    - Is it possible to suppress the year in intext citations only for legislation?
    - Is it possible to use the full title of the law the first time you cite it intext, and subsequently cited, use the (official) abbreviated title for that same law?

    If yes to any of these two questions, could you (or someone else), steer me towards the solutions?
    I use APA 7th.

    Any help is appreciated!
  • It's possible, but it's fairly elaborate: Essentially you'll need to add a test for "position" to the citation element of APA and then add the different styling for legislation there.
    General instructions are here: and you can e.g. look at the Chicago Manual full note style to see how the testing for position works, but as I say, this isn't, unfortunately, a trivial change to make
  • @adamsmith Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I'll give it a try or leave it, as it is.
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