New note editor can not customize CSS

customized Css can not work in "zotero.note.css"
  • Customizing CSS can easily break the new editor, partially because we are constantly modifying it and partially because it's more sophisticated. Though we might still return this functionality. What exactly do you expect to customize?
  • I can't speak for panyuz, but I have extensive customizations in zotero.note.css. The two I use most frequently are modifications to the blockquote (not crucial, just aesthetic, really, using first-child::before to insert a big quote mark) and separate classes that I can apply to paragraphs or divs by editing the source HTML in the note and adding ".classname" to the para/div in question. I find this really useful to differentiate my comments from extracted text.

    If the new note editor had the ability to customize styles and create new ones, that would be absolutely brilliant! (Although I'd kind of miss the fun of digging into the config editor and experimenting with what CSS I can get to work in my notes!)
  • Oh, and I also put background-color behind superscripts so I can find the little buggers when I'm scanning text quickly. That's really helpful, too!
  • @martynas_b Setting highlighted text in a different font color, like blue, seems like it could be a generally good option. Perhaps there could be a menu to control default colors for highlighted text, citations, and regular text/note annotations?
  • @bwiernik I guess we can discuss this after the release. For now we're trying to determine the best defaults.

    Are you saying it's difficult to spot highlight annotations and citations?

    For inserted comments/notes we can't do anything (at least for the existing ones), because those are just plain text.
  • The great thing about zotero.note.css is that you can get around defaults where you need to. Want different H1 formatting? Just add CSS. Different list item spacing? CSS.

    I guess hardly anyone ever uses it, but for those of us who do it's brilliant. Without note.css I'd be hoping for something that allows for customization some other way, but I'm not familiar with ProseMirror, so I have no idea what's possible.

    Being able to dig into the source and modify the html of my notes by hand is the other thing I'll miss badly. Cleaning up text pasted in from websites and tweaking lists and divs is a big part of how I make my notes more usable. (Or maybe it's just how I procrastinate, not sure...)
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