Search clears on its own after delay, MacOS 5.0.97-beta.27+861d5787d

When I type a search term into the search bar on Zotero MacOS, it correctly shows me all the items from my database that satisfy the search. However, after an inconsistent delay (maybe about 1 minute? maybe more likely when I switch to PDF tabs and back?), the search bar clears itself on its own without any input from me and it goes back to showing me the entire database. Very frustrating if I'm scanning by eye through a bunch of search results.

Version: 5.0.97-beta.27+861d5787d
  • Can we see a Debug ID for this happening (ideally with as little other activity as possible)?
  • Sorry for not following up on this sooner. For what it's worth, I haven't noticed this happening for at least a month, so it's likely that the issue was resolved in one of the updates.
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