item categories for legal(ish) items

Hi there,
I'm wondering whether it'd be possible to add some more item categories for legal(ish) items, such as Resolutions and Conventions. You have a lot of very helpful item categories already, but some, such as various very basic categories concerning international affairs, seem conspicuously missing still. Since especially with these it often makes a *crucial* differences what category they fall under (e.g. a UN Resolution is by default quite different in nature from a e.g. Convention or a Report--and this difference really matters legally and practically) it would be great to have them. The following would be particularly helpful:
(1) Resolution
(2) Convention
(3) Treaty
A more general one in the neighborhood of (2) and (3) would be
(4) Contract (though this is of course a much more general one).
These item categories might appear to be overly specialized or fussy at first blush--but they really aren't: they concern the basic differences of millions and millions of pretty important documents (e.g. the entire output of the UN), which would be really great to capture satisfactorily in a tool as powerful & versatile as Zotero. Adding just a few more item categories (such as the above) would help immensely with that. Thanks!
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    There is a CSL item type for treaty—a corresponding Zotero item will be added in a future version. From my understanding of citations to these types of items, “treaty” could cover UN Resolutions, conventions, etc. as well as formal treaties.

    For the time being, you can tell Zotero to cite an item as a treaty by entering this in Extra:
    Type: treaty
  • Treaty will happen, the others likely not in the near future.
    There's been talk about custom item types and fields in a more distant future, but until then, there's just no way we can fit all item types from all fields -- and every field considers their specialized document forms indispensable and important -- into Zotero and have a manageable set of item types. I'd recommend finding next best solutions for these that work for them bibliographically.
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