Integration of BetterBibTex

The functionality of the BetterBibTex-plugin should be integrated in Zotero. Because Zotero is mainly a tool for academic writers. And most academic writers use LaTeX for writing their papers, thesis, etc. Therefore this should be a standard-feature.
  • That's certainly not going to happen. It's absolutely not true that most academic writers use LaTeX, and Zotero is very explicitly not a BibTeX tool.

    BBT being a plugin, maintained by someone with deep knowledge of advanced BibTeX workflows that aren't appropriate for most users, is entirely appropriate. Extensibility is a feature, not a bug, and it's a reason to use Zotero over other tools.
  • I'll add that Zotero's built-in BibTeX support is intended for use as a generic data exchange format with other programs, and if there are specific changes to the core BibTeX support that would be appropriate for that, we'd be happy to take patches for those. But if you're using a BibTeX-based workflow, that's precisely what BBT is for.
  • edited May 21, 2021
    I appreciate the compliment, but in additions to @dstillman 's points there's also that I have no personal desire to see BBT integrated. BBT is a labor of love, and I like the freedom I have. Plus there's the benefit of not having to show up for Zoom-hosted sprint retrospectives. I have more than enough of those in my day job.
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