[Feature Request] Canc keyboard button

When I select an attachment or a note and I press the "Canc" keyboard button, I would expect that attachment or note to trashed.

But instead nothing happens.

Would it be possible to implement this feature? :)
  • I don't know what a Canc button is — that's not something I've ever heard of — but to delete an item in Zotero, you press the Backspace/Delete key.
  • The "Canc" button is basically the "Delete" button here:


    Nor the Backspace nor the Delete key remove the item here.

    Those buttons does nothing.

    It may be related to the fact I'm using Wayland?
  • I'm using Wayland too, and for some reason the delete button only works in "my library" (the top level, not sure if that name can be changed) but not when in a collection or when in the "unfiled items". So I would say this is a bug, not a feature request.
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