Pen support in pdf editor for highlighting - Zotero Beta - Win 10

The pdf editor in the Zotero Beta is very promising but I could not find a way to highlight text with the Surface Pen. Will this be possible in upcoming releases ? This would be a very useful feature for many users even if full inking is not implemented.
  • @letryst: Does the Surface Pen not function like a regular mouse for text selection purposes?
  • @dstillman : Strangely, no. The Surface Pen works to select menu items but doesn't trigger highlighting like a mouse or touchpad. Setting the option in the Windows settings to enable it to behave as a mouse doesn't work.
  • I am not able to select text at all with my Surface Pen, whether with the highlight tool activated or not, and whether the “Let me use my pen as a mouse in some desktop apps” setting is checked or not.
  • @dstillman D1555273319 is a Debug ID showing 3 actions:

    1. Highlighting a PDF line using the mouse (touchpad) click
    2. Highlighting a PDF line use my finger on the touchscreen
    3. Attempting twice to highly a PDF line using the Surface Pen. This does nothing.

    In fact, no dragging action works in the PDF reader with the Surface Pen. Dragging items to collections in the main item tree with the Surface Pen does work however.
  • I guess we're getting touch events from Surface Pen, and they aren't supported on PDF reader yet.
  • With the new update in the spring of 2022, did this functionality change? Has anyone figured out how to use the Surface Pen for notations in Zotera?
  • I can select words using the pen on my surface pro 6, and it works the same as mouse selection.

    BTW, if the integrated PDF viewer supports more options such as underline, or even handwriting, it would make zotero definitely the killer application, not only in academia, but also in much bigger market.

    Anyway, it is really a nice idea to have integrated PDF viewer!
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