How to Cite a Note

Styles have different preferences for how to cite notes. For instance, SBL uses the convention "[page number]n[note number]" (e.g., "102n2"). But CBA / CBQ uses the convention "[page number] n. [note number]" (e.g., "102 n. 2").

For cases like these, is there a good way to input a citation of a note so that Zotero can handle the note delimiter changes from one style to another?

Thank you so much for your thoughts!
  • Essentially this is a double locator: page X Note Y.
    I believe citeproc is actually able to parse these, if you use acronyms, i.e. p. 107 n. 3 might be parsed correctly, but I don't actually know how you can style multiple locators in CSL since the language doesn't have that concept.
  • CSL 1.1 will Have formal support for multiple locators. For now, the same formatting needs to be applied consistently to multiple locators
  • Thanks to you both. @bwiernik, when you say the "same formatting needs to be applied consistently," am I understanding you correctly to say that it currently needs to be done with manual adjustments on a per case basis?
  • Yes, the formatting of the first locator is applied to all locators, and the delimiters typed in the locator text box are rendered as entered (I believe).
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