What are the conditions for a PDF attachment synchronise?

edited May 14, 2021
Hello all,

We've modified some PDFs files "in place" - i.e. open the file with "show file" in Zotero and then edit the file in Acrobat (we needed to change some DOIs).

We've noticed that the files that were modified in that way don't seem to synchronise. That's strange, right? Just a local issue?

For example, if we attach a new PDF to that same item, the new PDF synchonises immediately. But the older PDF still hasn't updated. So the sync is working - it's just that the old file isn't updated.

(PS: In the Zotero, where the file has been updated, the date is correct: I.e., the local software updated the right file, and updated the timestamp, i.e. the local Zotero 'knows' the file has changed. However, in my Zotero, the file has the old timestamp.)

  • If the file modification time was updated and the file contents were changed, it will be uploaded within a few hours at the latest.

    All files are checked for changes on every manual sync. For auto-syncs, the next sync after opening a file or using Show File will check that file, and otherwise it will be checked within 3 hours.
  • Many thanks - that's good to know!
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