Ubuntu, Libreoffice 7 Error on manual install

I'm having trouble installing the Libreoffice Plugin. The installation from Zotero fails and suggests the manual installation.

After deleting the .config/libreoffice folder and reopening and then closing Libreoffice, I get the following error:

no constructor symbol "io_OConnector_get_implementation" in component library /build/libreoffice-hlLbXa/libreoffice-7.1.1~rc2/-cppuhelper/source/shlib.cxx:330

The Zotero menu does install, but it doesn't function (as if the JRE wasn't installed, but it is).
  • You should make sure you install LibreOffice from their official website instead of the packaged one with the distribution, and try different versions of Java. Make sure they are seen and selected in LibreOffice. Otherwise you'll have to ask LibreOffice support as this is not a Zotero issue per se.
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