Article numbers: APA7 and other styles : shortcut to add "e"?

edited May 9, 2021
APA style now wants journal article numbers to be preceded with an "e". When I use the APA-7 style the e is not added before the article number. (I realize this would be difficult if not impossible to automate because single page articles and editorials are common.) Is there an easy way to add an "e" to the beginning of an article number? Placing the cursor at the beginning of the Pages field and typing the "e" by hand is really tedious.

Any ideas or plans to help with this? Maybe an option to right-click on the field and automatically insert the "e" before the article number?
  • No, that’s not correct. The APA manual says to use the page and article numbers as they actually appear. If a particular journal starts their numbers with “e”, you should save that as part of the item data. Not all journals do (eg, Frontiers does not).

    What APA’s actual rule is for article numbers is to add the word “Article” before them—eg, “Article e10373020” or “Article 14”. Personally, I think this rule is pretty dumb—there isn’t any real need to distinguish pages from article numbers.

    If you do want to get the “Article” label per the manual, delete the number from Pages and enter it in Extra like this:
    Number: e102836292

    This will format it correctly per the APA manual, but note that many other styles aren’t written to expect this information in Number rather than Pages
  • Thank you. That information will save me considerable effort. The only benefit I see for a page range over an article number is that page range allows easy differentiation of single-page editorials from multi-page articles.
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