Zotero + Google Drive + PDF Expert = Which folder/collections structure?


I use Zotero as my reference manager, and I like to annotate PDFs using PDF Expert both on my computer and iPad. I store PDFs on Google Drive, which allows a very smooth sync.

However, I am seeing that my folder/collections structure (created on Zotero, which trickles down to google drive, and that's also what PDF Expert sees) is not sustainable: I have been creating collections specific to certain projects (e.g., writing academic papers), but I'm now seeing that many of PDFs relevant to one project are also relevant to my other projects. If I add it to a new collection on Zotero, the PDF stays in the same folder on Google Drive. This means that when I open that new folder on Google Drive, the file isn't there.

Because I don't want to have copies of the same PDF files and want to work with the same, annotated PDF for different projects (and that's probably the only way to sustain the project-based folder structure? unless Google Drive has something like shortcuts to files), I'm considering having just one main folder for all PDFs on Zotero/Google Drive. I will still be able to have collections and so the files will be organized on the Zotero desktop app, but would there be any suggestions for how to have a system for easily accessing selected PDFs (by Zotero collection, Zotero tag, etc) on PDF Expert?

Also, does anyone know if Zotero iOS app will allow to open PDFs using external apps such as PDF Expert?
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