[MacOS Beta] Zotero - Bug - Pop-up display of paper title

When Zotero's "My Library" is displayed and you hover over a paper, a tiny pop-up of the paper's title appears. This is a great feature but it is a little buggy:
1. The pop-up lingers indefinitely.
2. The pop-up does not seem to work for every paper - like the Zotero is having problems focusing where the cursor currently is.

I am not sure I have explained myself well. Just let me know and I will explain things another way.
  • I have this too, Beta Windows 10.
  • The tooltip remaining after closing a tab is fixed in the latest beta.
  • @dstillermann
    Great! I just uploaded to the latest beta and can confirm that this "tooltip" function is working.

    In upgrading I also realized just what it is for. It is to reveal the entire text of an item that is hidden depending on the width of the column. I think this is very clever! Thank you @dstillermann and developers! :)
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