[MacOS Beta] Zotero PDF Reader - Request - Ability to change text in highlights

I have a request to be able to change the text for highlights in Zotero PDF Reader. This is the text that appears in the left-hand side column after making a highlight.

I find this necessary for scenarios where there are mistakes in the highlighted text from inaccurate OCRing of a PDF. Or where hyphenating was used in the original PDF and I want the make a correction and delete hyphens.

I understand that corrections may be made when including the highlights in notes. However, this means having to continually making the changes in notes when drawing on the same highlight.
  • You can already do that by double-clicking the extracted text.
  • @martynas_b Thanks. Double-clicking did the job! :) I was clicking the extracted text once and nothing happened, so I thought this was no possible. It is great to know that the developers have even thought of this.

    Zotero's PDF Reader is truly wonderful. I have been searching and searching for years for an app that does what Zotero's PDF Reader does. I am pleased that my search as finally come to an end. :)
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