Reverse links to notes

I've started using the new feature of "dragging out" boxes ("select area") of a PDF into a Note. I really love that the fact that they remain clickable in the note. What I wonder if one could implement the reverse: for a given highlight, box, etc in a PDF, see which note refers to it?
  • Not really. First, it’s a one-to-many relationship, so there’s not a single note. Second, the annotation in the note isn’t directly linked to the PDF annotation — since the original annotation can be moved, edited, or deleted, the note simply links back to the original position of the PDF annotation. The connection there is a bit too weak to provide links in the other direction. As just one example, you could move a PDF annotation, such that the note was pointing to a different place in the PDF, but then would that dragged annotation still be listed as a link for the PDF annotation? Just doesn’t really work to go the other way.
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