Feature request: Restore opened PDFs after restart (Zotero MacOS beta)

I was disappointed to see that if I open up several PDFs in tabs within the new Zotero Beta, and then close Zotero, the PDF tabs are not restored. This state information is something that I personally think shouldn't be destroyed without warning the users, like for web browser tabs.

Possible resolutions:
(1) On restart, automatically restore the tabs as they were at shutdown.
(2) Number 1, but for performance reasons, only restore empty shell tabs that load the full PDF when you actually click to view them.
(3) On restart, offer the user a dialog to re-open the tabs they had.
(4) Have a "recently opened" list in one of the drop-down menus, ideally with the PDFs that were open at the time of last Zotero shutdown delineated from ones opened but then closed by the user in the past.
(5) Number 4, but supplemented with a drop-down option to re-load the tabs that were open at shutdown, and perhaps also allow the user to access to a full list of PDFs that have ever been opened by Zotero.

Something like #4 was requested here https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/88700/recently-read-articles/p1 and probably several others places. I like #5 the best, although it's the most work. I'm often trying to remember something I was reading a month ago and would definitely like to look at a list of 40 papers rather than searching the databased from scratch.

Thank you for considering.
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