Quick copy dissappears after a few seconds

As the title says, every time I start Zotero the Quick copy option is only available for a few seconds (minutes) and then it disappears and the menu under Edit only shows a greyed-out "Copy" option. Also pressing Ctrl-Shift-C doesn't help and the only solution is to restart Zotero.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?
  • Can you provide a Debug ID from Zotero startup through this happening?

    What exactly do you have to do for it to go away?
  • Thanks for the quick reply!
    The Debug ID is D234327295.
    I have Better BibTex enabled, but the bug appears even when it is disabled
  • You're testing with a BBT translator set as the Quick Copy format. We can only help you with a built-in format.
  • The bug is reproducible even when BBT is disabled. I've generated another debug log with BBT disabled - D325009396
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    That doesn’t appear to show a Quick Copy attempt.

    And you still haven’t explained what exactly you’re doing between when it works and when it stops.
  • Hmm, this is strange. Here is another log - D1175040259.
    I started Zotero with BBT disabled then Quick copied some citations using either the shortcut CTRL-SHIFT-C or using the dropdown menu. Then waited a few minutes without touching Zotero. After a few minutes both the Copy citation and Copy bibliography disappear from the Edit dropdown menu and the keyboard shortcut also stops working
  • @roey.angel: Can you do the same but with dragging to a textbox? It generates a little bit more output and makes it clearer when it's actually working.

    You should also disable all third-party plugins, just to eliminate variables.
  • @dstillman I created a new log - D1251072694. All add-ons were disabled. I used all options to quick-copy a bibliography: dragging, CTRL-SHIFT-C and through the Edit menu. The bug was reproducible after a few minutes.
  • (3)(+0000000): Dragging with format {"mode":"bibliography","contentType":"","id":"http://www.zotero.org/styles/chicago-note-bibliography","locale":""}


    (3)(+0000001): Dragging with format {}
    Do you have something configured in the site-specific Quick Copy settings?
  • @dstillman Not really. There's one line with nothing under Domain, nothing under Format and undefined under Language. I believe this line was created by default.
    I placed a screenshot on my public dropbox folder
  • Don't know how you got that, but that's the problem. Delete that line.
  • I'd guess that you could get that by 1) clicking +, 2) selecting a BBT format, 3) pressing OK without entering a Domain/Path (which shouldn't be possible but is currently allowed), and 4) uninstalling BBT.
  • @dstillman Yes! That solved it! I have no idea where this line came from, or why it would cause such behaviour, but thanks!
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    So what was the culprit? The screenshot is gone. BBT tries to do pre-uninstall cleanup.
  • Not really related to BBT, other than the "undefined" in place of a name. Real problem is just #2053.
  • I can't see where that undefined happens as the screenshot has been removed.
  • It was a blank entry in the site-specific Quick Copy settings, with "undefined" for the format name.
  • I still don't understand what I should do to prevent that, sorry, but perhaps I'm asking the wrong question, as I actually just want to know: should BBT doing more cleanup on uninstall, and if so, what should it do? I assume cleanse a config property in some way, if that's correct, which?
  • It's not related to BBT. You don't have to do anything.
  • Alright, thanks.
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