MHRA not disambiguating between same author/presenter

edited 12 days ago
I'm using MHRA 3rd edition (note with bibliography) with the word processor plugin.

I am citing a book chapter and presentation with the same author/presenter but the footnotes are not using short titles to differentiate between them.

Any suggestions how to do this? Thanks.
  • Odd, could you paste those two citations here? Also, are your citations set to automatically update in the Document preferences?
  • Yes, the document is set to automatically update citations.

    The first citations are:

    Wen-chin Ouyang, ‘The Curious Life of Objects in the Arabian Nights: What Can Food, Gems and Clothes Tell Us about Cultural Encounters?’ (unpublished Inaugural Lecture, SOAS, University of London, 2014) [accessed 9 January 2021].

    Wen-chin Ouyang, ‘The Arabian Nights in Chinese and English Translations: Differing Patterns of Cultural Encounter and World Literature’, in World Literature in Motion: Institution, Recognition, Location, Studies in World Literature, 7 (Stuttgart: ibidem-Verlag, 2020), pp. 435–74 (p. 436).

    Following citations are:


    Ouyang, p. 439.

  • I set up a new word document and moved the text over which seemed to fix the issue, both short titles are now being cited.
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