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I am new to Zotero and have a question. Every time that I am using my zotero on my local computer it makes a new library and just add an updated time and date in front of the previous one. So, I have lots of libraries on my computer which is very confusing. Could you please help me how can I solve?

  • Could you give an example file(?) name? Do you have the data folder in its default location or in a custom one
  • Maedeh-Scheduling_AutoCon_zetero 21/07/2020, 22:38:00,
    Maedeh-Scheduling_AutoCon_zetero 21/10/2020, 10:24:34
    and so on and so forth.

    The libraries are created and used on the local zotero on my home computer. But the same thing is on the web based
  • That looks like some sort of back-up software? It's not a file Zotero would ever generate.
  • No, I do not upload any adds-on or back up software. Do you have any guess how can they may be created?
  • Sorry, this doesn't have anything to do with Zotero, so we can't help you with it. This is something running on your computer.
  • I wonder though whether
    But the same thing is on the web based
    means that these duplicates are showing up in the web library. While still plausible that it's something running on taghaddo's system, that something would need to be able to do something that Zotero was capable of syncing out. @taghaddo, do you have any plugins installed into Zotero? Or used the javascript runner?
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    Does your internet service provider offer some sort of back-up service? What operating system are you using? Can you search your computer for an application with the name AutoCon? You wrote, "The same thing is on the web based ..." What do you mean by this statement? Are you referring to the Zotero sync library ( . If so are these actual extra _libraries_ that are listed on your Zotero web or are you referring to _collections_ online and locally. Please provide a richer description of your computer and tell us if it is connected to a work or computer network.

    [[Twenty+ years ago I was aware of a business automation company that had a software package named Scheduling-AutoCon. I recall this because it was suspected of corrupting several local machines' hard drives on the LAN of an organization that used NetWare and this plug-in.]]
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