Recovering a Single Deleted Note

I've been using Zotero for about 7 or 8 years now and a couple days ago something happened that has never happened before--my computer crashed while I had Zotero desktop application open and I lost a single Zotero note. I had been working on a specific single note on a book I was reading, leaving the note-pane open and just adding to it every few days for about a week. When my computer restarted after the crash, all of my other notes in my library were still there, even the ones I had added in the past week. I was just missing one single note--the one that was open when the computer crashed.

I first logged into my Zotero web library, but the note was gone there too. Although I see that there are multiple guides for recovering entire lost libraries or a note whose text you accidentally delete, I'm a little baffled about how I could go about recovering a single individual note.

It's not in the trash. I am using Zotero on MacOS 11.1. I've navigated to my zotero data directory on my computer's harddrive, but I am not really sure where I should go from here. Does anyone have any advice?

I would be greatly appreciative for your help.

  • Btw. in my local Zotero data directory, there are a few files that look like my old library:

    zotero.sqlite (165 mb) last edited today
    zotero.sqlite-journal (103 kb)
    zotero.sqlite.1.bak (165 mb) last edited April 30
    zotero.sqlite.bak (165 mb) last edited yesterday

    immediately after the crash I went in a saved another copy of the files named to a different area. [i.e. I could recover from these]:

    zotero.sqlite.1.bak (165 mb) last edited April 29
    zotero.sqlite.bak (165 mb) last edited April 30

    After the crash, and discovering the missing note, I backed up all of my computer with Time Machine immediately, and looked at my most recent time machine backup, which is from April 18th, and is unfortunately earlier than the lost note. I still have the backup from April 18th on an alternative harddrive from the most recent one from yesterday.

    The crash happened in the afternoon on April 30th, so is there a way I could perhaps recover the note from the one file mentioned above last edited on April 29th?

    I'm not sure what to do with these .bak files... Any advice?
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