impossible de demarrer Zoreto (pb de maj)

Depuis hier impossible de démarrer Zotero. J'ai un msg m'erreur comme quoi il veut télécharger un nouvelle version. Si je dis d'accord, ça travaille, ça cherche, puis ça finit par planter. L'accès à Zotero m'est donc impossible.
J'ai évidemment relancé l'ordi, fait de meme avec l'acces internet, mais rein n'y fait
Comment régler ce pb devant lequel je suis démuni.
J'ai fait une copie d'écran, mais je n'arrive pas à la joindre. Merci pour votre aide.
Cordialement; GG
  • What's the actual error message?

    You can upload a screenshot somewhere (e.g., Dropbox or Google Drive) and provide a link here.

    But the easiest fix is likely just to redownload Zotero from the download page.
  • Hello
    I tried to reload, with success, but running first time, the error is still there (as an ednless loop). I have 4 screen copies I can send you by mail if possible. No access to Zotero is for me an important pb.
    Thank to do you best to correct. Gérald
  • You can email the screenshots to with a link to this thread.
  • Screenshot has been sent.
  • You're getting a "disk I/O error" when Zotero starts up. That's not about upgrading — it means that something is preventing Zotero from accessing its database. If you have your Zotero data directory on an external drive or network share or in a cloud storage folder, you should move it back to its default location. This could also be due to security software on your system, or it could be a genuine problem with your filesystem that you need to fix with disk utility software.
  • Hello
    We spent about 1 hour trying to find the probem, reinstalling Zotero in admin and so on, without success. We check the internal disk where my data are located (146 Go). My colleague admin of the system started Zotero in debug mode and here is attached a screen shot (private adress), showing the access to the disk where my data are is possible.
    Do you have an idea, a solution to propose and to fix the pb ?
    Best. GG
  • It looks like you have your database in a custom location on a secondary disk. You should move it back to the default location on your C: drive. I can't tell you what's wrong with your disk, filesystem, or OS, but that's why you're getting this error.
  • Hello
    I have just sent you a message, with screen shot. In my opinion, the pb is due to a corrupted file zotero.sqlite that cannot be copied in a backup folder. All explanations are in the message private. The main question is : is it possible to regenerate this file with the contents of the database in disk ?
    Best. GG
  • (Note that all non-private information about your issue needs to be posted here for people to help you. The email address above is solely for sending screenshots and information that can't be shared publicly.)

    As I said, this is a problem on your computer, not in Zotero. You're getting an error simply trying to copy the zotero.sqlite file — which is your Zotero database — outside of Zotero, so this really couldn't be more clear. The usual cause of this is the external drive getting unmounted while a program is still accessing a file (in this case, Zotero accessing its database).

    To be clear, this has nothing whatsoever to do with either upgrading Zotero or your storage subscription. Zotero can't cause a file on your disk to become unreadable by the system.

    See Restoring Your Data From a Backup for more information on that. Since this is just about the zotero.sqlite file, you can restore only that file and sync down any recent changes. Attachment files in 'storage' won't be affected.
  • Thanks, just copying the bak file in sqlite solve the problem.

    But now I have another : how to restore the 130 filesd I added in zotero since the bak file has been generated ?
    I have checked, 130 new folders and associated files has been added in the storage folder after the bak file generation. They are not known in the lists of items and associated files.

    What is the best solution :
    1- add them again ? but in such case, I have 130 folders with never used data. Perhaps juste suppress them from the storage folder ? Can I do this without damages ?
    2- does it exist a way to take theses files into account ?

    Best regards. Gérald
  • As I say, you can just sync, assuming you were syncing before. From the documentation:
    Note that, if you were using Zotero syncing, any changes you made to your library since the backup and subsequently synced to your online library will be applied to your restored database as soon as you sync.
  • ok, changing the qlite file in C:disk corrects the problem.
    All my date pdf files are in the external disk.

    I have two questions concerning the management of external data :

    1- when I added a notice, the associated file associated was stored in C disk. So, on this comptuer, the file database will be in c AND the exernal disk. How can I do the added pdf file are automaticly stored in my external file ?

    2- when I click on the notice line to open a pdf file associated with the notice, the pdf file is copied in C. This mean that my C disk will grow. How can I limit this growing (because not a lot of place available on C) ?

    Thanks for answers. GG

  • Can you ask your questions in French? I’m not understanding.
  • 1- lorsque je crée une notice et y associe un fichier pdf (en faisant glisser), le fichier pdf est stockés dans C. Mais je souhaite que tous les fichiers associés soient dans le disque externe. Comment faire pour que les fichiers ajoutés aux notices soient dans le disque externes ?

    2- lorsque je clique sur une notice, le fichier pdf associé est copié d'abord dans C depuis le disque externe. Cela veut dire que mes data zotero sur C vont grossir. Comment limiter cela, car je n'ai pas beaucoup d'espace dispo pour Zotero

    A+ GG
  • Attached files will be stored within your data directory by default, and if your data directory is on C:, that's where they'll go. You can use linked files if you want and store them elsewhere, while keeping your database in your data directory, but there are some downsides to that, explained on that page.
  • Je viens de lire le lien et il y est écrit que les "link files" ne peuvent être utilisés dans les biblio de groupes. Cela veut dire que la solution que vous me proposez ne fonctionne pas, car tout l'intérêt de Zotero pour moi est de partager 146Go de données entre un portable et une tour.
    J'ai actuellement, sur vos conseils, dans mon portable, le fichier qlite sur C (petite capacité) et mes pdf sur un disque externe sur un ordi portable. Sur mon autre ordi tour, tout sur un disque interne SSD, dans le même répertoire.
    Sur mon portable, tous les ajouts, toutes les synchronisations avec nouveaux fichiers vont venir faire grossir mon répertoire sur C lorsque je vais synchroniser.

    J'ai une question :
    Au lieu de passer par une synchronisation, est-ce que je peux copier les données depuis le disque de ma tour, sur le disque externe de mon portable et seulement recopier le fichier qlite sur le disque C de ce portable ? et ne plus jamais synchroniser sur le portable. Une synchro "manuelle" en fait.

    Merci pour votre aide. GG
  • edited May 18, 2021
    J'ai actuellement, sur vos conseils, dans mon portable, le fichier qlite sur C (petite capacité) et mes pdf sur un disque externe sur un ordi portable.
    I don't know what you mean by that. I didn't say anything about separating your database and PDFs. I said, if you can't fix the problem with your disk — which was happening completely outside of Zotero — then moving your entire data directory to your C: drive was the best solution. I don't know what you did if you're saying those things are now separated. Other than using linked files, there's no standard configuration where your database and PDFs wouldn't be together.

    If you don't have enough space for your entire data directory on your C: drive, you can try again to have your data directory on the external drive, starting with a working copy of zotero.sqlite. Again, this wasn't a problem in Zotero itself — you couldn't even move the file outside of Zotero, so it was just corrupted at the filesystem level, most likely from unmounting the disk while Zotero was open. If you avoid doing that, you may be able to keep it working going forward.
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