Question about transfering a library to a new PC

edited May 4, 2021
I am in the process of moving to a new PC. The old (current) PC will no longer be used. I have read the instructions as specified here:

I have few questions regarding transferring to a new PC. I want ensure I am using my data directory as the method to restore the library and not my synced account.

- My current system is Windows 10 with Zotero
- I have a custom location for my data directory. It is set to C:\Users\\Documents\Zotero as opposed the default location.
- On my current PC, the library is being synced with Zotero account (without paid data storage).

What is the correct way to transfer to the new PC? Should I first install Zotero on the new PC, change the default directory and also login to the my account before copying/pasting my current data directory? Or should I logout of Zotero account on my current PC, then transfer, then login again on the new PC?
  • Just copy the data directory and make sure Zotero on the other computer is pointing to it. Then set up syncing.
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