iOS beta - sync storage server capability?

edited May 3, 2021
Are there any plans to add file synching server address capability to the beta?
If so, obviously, it would make sense to have the option to only download on demand and even ALWAYS download, sync (if annotated) but not save locally.

  • Not sure what you mean by "file synching server address capability", but an option to download all files at sync time is planned. Downloading files on demand is the current behavior.
  • sorry for being unclear. I use my own WebDAV server for storage. In the desktop applications I can enter a server address + username. On the current iOS beta version I haven't found that ability. Therefore I can't download/view any attachments.
  • The iOS app doesn't currently support WebDAV. But that's not related to downloading files at sync time or as needed.
  • WebDAV support on the iOS app is planned
  • Thanks - I had the same question. So at present, WebDAV is not supported but will be on the official iOS app. Would synching through a paid Zotero storage account work on the iOS app? Are there any upper limits to the amount of storage the app can handle? Papership seems to be OK now but used to crash over 5 gigs on my iPad.
  • Zotero’s storage works on the iOS app, including the unlimited storage accounts. The iOS app downloads files as needed, so even very large amounts of files shouldn’t be an issue. I would not recommend trying to use papership at this time (or really any time in the last 3 or 4 years since it stopped being maintained).
  • I'm so glad that Zotero is coming to iOS, because yes, PaperShip has been a headache for long time ... won't bore you with the details of my sob story but I am very thankful for the iOS port!!
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