install beta as different user

i would like to install and try the beta with the internal PDF viewer, but don't want the inherent burden of coming back to the regular version.
so i wonder if i could login to the machine as a different user, install Zotero beta and have everything remain untouched in other user.
probably yes, i think, but i would like to be assured.
  • You could, but it’s probably easier to just install the beta and then restore your database backup if you decide to roll back before the PDF reader is released as part of the regular release.

    To roll back,
    (1) install the regular zotero release from
    (2) open your Zotero data directory (, find the zotero.sqlite.bak file with the highest number, and rename it to just zotero.sqlite

    If you roll back after the pdf reader is part of the regular release, step (2) won’t be needed.
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